Erasmus program


1/ What is the Erasmus programme?


Erasmus is a European programme designed to encourage student exchanges between European universities partnered in an Erasmus agreement.

The programme is made possible through support from the European Commission and the City of Paris.

The programme concerns study abroad at Sciences Po’s partner universities and European internships (with the exception of internships in French foreign diplomacy and those in European institutions).


2/ Which countries participate?


33 States: That is, the 27 countries in the European Union, as well as Croatia, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Switzerland, Norway, and Turkey.


3/ Which students can participate?

All 3rd year students fully enrolled in one of the establishments of the participating countries.

Students of Luxembourgish and Liechtenstein nationality are funded by their respective National Agencies.

(Monegasque students and those from the Principality of Andorra are eligible, provided they are already enrolled in an institution of higher education one of the countries participating in the program).

►  All students who receive an Erasmus scholarship will automatically receive a scholarship from the city of Paris as well (there is no need to apply).

► No student is allowed to receive an Erasmus scholarship more than once.

4/ What are the criteria for eligibility?


To ensure that the amounts distributed are significant and benefit the students most in need, Sciences Po has decided to allocate Erasmus grants on the basis of financial need.

These criteria are based on family quotient (declared net taxable income in the year of study abroad divided by the number of tax shares). For 2012-2013, this family quotient should not have exceeded 19 198 € ; this figure increases slightly each year.


5/ What is the total amount awarded through Erasmus and City of Paris grants?


The amount awarded through grants varies. It depends, each year, on the number of students sent abroad by Sciences Po within the framework of the Erasmus mobility agreements.

A rough guide for study abroad in 2012-2013 :
Erasmus Scholarship: around 295 € / month
Scholarship from the city of Paris: around 160 € / month

A rough guide for intership in 2012-2013:
Erasmus Scholarship: around 360 € / month
Scholarship from the city of Paris: around 160 € / month


6/ When are the payments distributed?


The Erasmus grant is distributed in two payments:

In December 2013 (study abroad) or in February 2014 (internships) and at the end of the 2013-2014 academic year. The scholarship from the city of Paris is paid in full on the first payment. The payments will be make by a bank transfer.

The City of Paris award is included in the first payment (December for those studying abroad February for interns). Payments are made by bank transfer.


7/ How to apply?


All students travelling to countries participating in the Erasmus programme will automatically receive, in July 2013, by e-mail an informational letter and an application to complete: they must be returned it by mail to Sciences Po in October 2013.


8/ How to find the decision of your scholarship application?


By checking your "Espace étudiant", under the area "aide sociale". You will find out starting in December 2013 (study abroad) or in February 2014 (internships), the decision of the distribution of the Erasmus and City of Paris Scholarships.


9/ Who should you contact at Sciences Po for the Erasmus Scholarship?


Gabriela Rehorova-Crouzet, Deputy Director of International Affairs Division, Erasmus Coordinator

Sophie PRUDENT, Erasmus Officer,

IMPORTANT: If you had to stop your study abroad, but you received an Erasmus Scholarship, you will have to reimburse the scholarship.